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Eric is an active member of Calvary Christian Center and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) Clergy Forum. He has a deeply held interest in good government and policies that serve the community, not the politicians. California needs to be led in a different direction by elected officials who value life, respect taxpayers, and support solutions that improve our economy while serving those most in need. 

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Please view the organizations and individuals who have endorsed Eric Rigard for Assembly in the 9th District. If you’d like to be added to this list, please let Eric know by completing the Endorsement Form.


California ProLife Council

California Family Council

California Republican Assembly (CRA)

CRA – Sacramento

CRA – Lodi

California Rifle & Pistol Association

California Republican Party

Gold Country Taxpayers Association

Republicans of River City

Sacramento County Republican Party

San Joaquin County Republican Party



Ray Abe
Mark Alley
Wade Allison
Janice Baker
Brenda Bennett
Keven Birdwell
Taylor Brown
Roger Canfield
Kiyomi Carter
Calvin Clements
Robert Coffin
Dan Cribb
Angela Daleo
Eric Eisenhammer
Lewis Faught
Sharron Flynn
William Harrell
Lyubov Ilnitsky
Della Reese Jenkins
Kimberly Kennedy-Woods
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
Al Kitay
Mary Kropp
Peter Kuhner
Joshua Mabie
Betsy Mahan
Kevin McGary
Jeff Milam
Dawn Neal
Lonnie Poindexter
Sebastian Ramirez
Deborah Reeves
Ed Riehle
Jacqueline L. Rigard
Art Ross
Luanne Schnase
Wynette Sills
Barbara Sloan
Gretchen Stevenson
Karen Stewart
Michael Story
Don Trethewey
David White
Rev. Dwight Williams


Support Change in AD 9

In order to reach voters throughout the district, Eric needs to raise funds for mailers, printed material, and advertising.

Donate at this link. Any amount is appreciated!