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Endorse Eric Rigard

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“My name is Eric Martinez Rigard and I am a retired businessman who cares deeply about my community. I believe that it is not enough to simply complain about local problems, so I have dedicated the time I now have in retirement to bring solutions. For example, I have a special interest in the life of unborn babies and the mothers who carry them, so I have been active in establishing a crisis pregnancy center.  It’s not difficult to realize there is a huge increase in the homeless throughout the Sacramento region, in fact we have an epidemic in the State of California. Solutions will require that the State and local governments work together to direct resources to solve the causes of homelessness, including mental illness, drug abuse, and those who may be employed, but impacted by unaffordable housing in our region, and generally the high cost of living.”

“I am a man with traditional values, including the importance of a quality education for all children, opportunities for jobs and development to strengthen our community, and programs that will bring hope for a bright future to our young people. I also want to protect the interests of the taxpayers. After all, we pay the bills. These issues require an active legislator who will stand up and be counted. The incumbent has a record of abstaining on key issues that would help our community. I’ll show up and would be honored to have your vote.”