The Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) wants to add a sales tax to the ballot this November. With all that we have been going through, it begs the question – What’s it for? Why now?

Do we need another tax on top of the current multitude of state and federal gas taxes, and two other Measure A transportation taxes? What happened to the extra 15 cents we’re paying into the State’s gas tax fund that was created by SB 1, a bill supported by my opponent Jim Cooper? The Governor has admitted he’s diverting the money away from road repair, regardless of promises made when Democrats defeated Prop. 6 that would have repealed SB 1. The Governor and his administration should be held accountable for spending our tax dollars the way voters desired, on road expansion and repair.

These days, there is no such thing as a temporary tax. Our elected leaders always come up with a reason why they should be permanent, regardless of the original pledge. Enough!

This is why I stand against the STA proposal to again raise the sales tax in Sacramento County. I don’t think the spending plan includes any benefits to taxpayers living with the health and economic impacts of COVID-19. People are not concerned about rapid transit, or even beautification projects. They are needing every penny they have to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their head. A tax increase would hit small businesses and consumers in low-income communities very hard.

Unfortunately, our current leadership is missing in action when it comes to the interest of taxpayers who pay special transportation-related taxes at the local, state and federal levels. This has resulted in transportation agencies and programs at the local, state and federal levels duplicating functions that could be consolidated, saving taxpayer dollars and increasing efficiency. Rather than raising our sales tax, I call on our local, state and federal representatives to identify duplication, misappropriation of funds, and to spend existing funds wisely.

Voters can hold elected officials accountable through the election process. Re-elect the current leadership, and nothing will change.

If elected, I will work for reforms in spending and taxation policies. I will show taxpayers the respect they deserve.