Those of us who live in California have been doubly hit with the insensitivity of the State Government.

First, we live in a state where Sanctuary policies are the norm. The Sanctuary State law was co-sponsored by Jim Cooper, Democrat, 9th Assembly District. The effects of which are being felt continually.

Illegal or undocumented immigrants in California are afforded Sanctuary, which prohibits law enforcement from cooperating with the federal government to deport them or even to require they begin the process to become legal residents of our state. There are some who have committed crimes such as murder, theft, and rape, and numerous others who are not held to account for illegal activities such as identity theft to gain documents that allow them to work. Both U.S. born citizens and Naturalized citizens, who themselves are immigrants, find this practice abhorrent.

This brings us to our Second concern. Governor Newsom has just signed an Executive Order to pay each undocumented resident (still Illegal) $500 or $1,000 dollars per household, for a total of over $75 Million taxpayer dollars. The State Government now admits that over 10% of California’s workers are living here illegally, and this is just one of the many costs of that policy.

This flies in the face of Citizenship having privileges. We, as a State, have a massive homeless problem in California. We are once more forgetting our homeless population that includes Mothers, Children, and Veterans who fought for this country. Why does the Governor believe we should spend taxpayer dollars on illegal immigrants when we have thousands of citizens who find themselves on the streets, down on their luck and unable to survive in this unaffordable state? We could better use that $75 Million to help them get back on their feet. While I can understand why people would want to come to our great country, it is not our obligation to see to their needs first.

The time is now to think clearly about how we manage our society. We need to stop making excuses for those who did not and will not abide by our country’s laws. We need to change the policies that give them disincentives to become legal U.S. citizens.

Empathy and caring is one thing. Blindly accepting lawlessness is another.

Please join with me in pushing back on the State government and saying NO to payments and sanctuary for those who didn’t care to come to the country the proper way!