Fed Up With California's Leadership?

California is Unaffordable

The incumbent in Assembly District 9 has a history of abstaining on key issues of importance to the voters in this District.

Eric Rigard will show up.

It’s mid-March and we’re all doing our part to not spread the COVID-19 virus. If you need information on the latest recommendations for keeping yourself and our community healthy, visit the County of Sacramento Department of Health Services Health Alerts and Advisories webpage.

At the same time, with votes still to count in Sacramento County, I am in the top two, and am watching the election returns. I’m so grateful for the 32,859 people who voted for me. Updates on the vote count will continue until early April.

I stand for:

  • Affordable Senior Housing
  • Private Contractors Right to Earn A Living (Repeal AB 5)
  • Informed Parental Consent and School Choice
  • Eliminate or Revise Burdonsome and Ineffective Regulations on our Agricultural Businesses

I am against the following policies that incumbent Jim Cooper supported:

  • Sanctuary State Laws
  • Eliminating Private Contractors – AB 5
  • Late-Term Abortions
  • State and Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Props 47 and 57 that took away consequences for serious crimes

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Why Am I A Republican?

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